About server (info; server isn't running at the moment)Edit

Hi everybody and most importent minecraft fans Games Croatia Studio is opening his first game server and we chosed minecraft because we think that allmoast every worlds gamer knows what minecraft is and at leas somethink about it.Our server will be opened probably 9.5.2013. witch is at this veary moment today.Our server's spawn point is going to be covered in badrock so nobady can destroy it.If you need anythink just search on server for guy called Tallsword witch is me or for this guys;Fico,Chofi,Chufta....and i think thats all names you need to know.Rules can be found below this text.Everythink about server and when its up or when its shoted down can be found here and as you saw in top you can see if the server is running or not.There will be posibility that every month from now (9.5.2013.) we will choose the our best minecrafter or the most often visitor and he will get our op on the server and that basicly means that he will be able to fly and help others but if he dose somethink bad he vill be remuved from the op list.Our server will allso have a lot of events and dates and everythink about it will be in events area on server or on our website witch is this.

Most important think about this server is that you will need app called Tungle witch is free and you can download it easly.How to get in server? Start your tungle go to their website register tha return to you tungle and login.Ones you entered the tungle you should be able to find servers search.Just type minecraft and enter the first that comes and it is allso most popular one.Open up your minecraft and enter our server ip: but you need to be in our private tungle netvork and network stats are mode BASIC netwoek name GamesCroatiaStudio password 8624 .Edit

Server rulesEdit

  1. Everybody who trys to hack or to even use a hack on our server will be firstly baned and secondly ban ip.
  2. No cheating.
  3. No stealing.
  4. No messing round in admins rooms or houses.
  5. No svearing.
  6. No advertising(only allowed in comments are witch is in the veary bootom).


  • We will have an opening party in midnight.
  • Plots opening 12.5.2013. allso in midnght.

​Thats all for now.

Servers picturesEdit

No pictures availible at this veary moment but they are comming tomorow or 10.5.2013.

Servers ip:(ip is not availible jet it will be availible after the server opening)Edit